The Rapist’s Wife

  You have excellent chances of winning......if you believe that rape is not the end of your life. Nisha Susan[i]   She's changing the baby’s nappy when the news comes on.  A call centre worker returning  home from work has been raped by three men. One of the rapists is Satyadev, a married man with … Continue reading The Rapist’s Wife


Landscapes of the Heart

 Does a faqir have a home? Isn't faqiri about giving up fixedness of homes, tearing out one's identity from narrow prisons of nations and nationalisms? Which side of the lines drawn in blood do I want to consider my homeland?   Train journey from Dhaka to Chiitagong: view from train window March 1972 Abba said … Continue reading Landscapes of the Heart

Prioritizing Serenity

In the words of its founder, Ani Sangmo, a nun from the Netherlands, “Thosamling means a place to listen and contemplate. Thosamling provides a home for Buddhist women who want to contemplate, do retreats, or study under the guidance of a qualified Tibetan Teacher. It is the first nunnery for International nuns and Buddhist women in India.”

Why is our culture so depressing for girls?

As a counseling psychologist, I often listen to harrowing stories. Three young girls aged 16-18 have confessed in the past month about their desire to commit suicide for different reasons. But underneath the surface differences in their stories  is a depressing sameness. And these were just three girls who found the space and courage to … Continue reading Why is our culture so depressing for girls?