My name is Nighat Gandhi. This is my blog space where I want to connect with Southasian girls and women and women of the Southasian diaspora, particularly from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

I am a mental health counselor with more than a decade’s experience in counseling Southasian women and girls with mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and phobias. Mental stress often results from the debilitating emotional, physical, and sexual violence girls and women have endured in their lifetime. Prolonged silence doesn’t make the problems go away. It makes the problems worse. Very often girls and women suffer in silence because they have not been able to find someone they can trust, someone who will listen to their story in total confidentiality, with empathy, and without judging. And through the listening process, help them arrive at solutions.

I provide counseling services to women and girls online through Skype at very reasonable rates, depending on my client’s income and ability to pay.  I speak Hidi/Urdu and English fluently.

I can be contacted by email. My email id is sawcounsel@gmail.com