Shabnam can feel her empty stomach twist and heave. She hugs the jar of eggs and looks fondly at the pale, tea-coloured eggs. Agitated, she walks over to the gate of the large, white house. “Baji, baji, gand hai?” she shouts in her hunger-sharpened voice and reaches up for the doorbell. Sunday morning. The houses … Continue reading Garbage


My very First Blog Post!

I'm writing my first blog post, finally! Do  I need to start a blog in an over-blogged cyber-world?  I've decided to give it a shot because I'm afraid I'm losing my memory and sense of a writer-self. I can't locate some of my older published pieces which are probably lurking in some corner of the net. Very often key words search doesn't bring up the older articles I've written and published. Sometimes I can't recall titles to the older pieces. And I can't find them on my laptop either.