Ghalib at Dusk and Other Stories cover

Ghalib at Dusk and Other Stories

Nighat Gandhi, spent her early childhood in Bangladesh, lived in Karachi till the 90s and later lived off and on in India. Friendship and familial bonds have made her sprout roots in all three countries and has given her a South Asian cultural identity, broader than the definitions of passports. The stories are all slices of life from Pakistan and India. The writer focuses on the minutiae of human tamasha; it is the violated, the marginalized individual’s life that entices her as a writer, and whether the spectacle unfolds in the life of a Muslim woman in Allahabad or a Christian sales girl in Karachi, are merely incidental details of geography. Nighat.M. Gandhi maybe the only contemporary writer who lives and writes in India and Pakistan and these stories present the nuances of ordinary life in both countries and reflect a social reality. The first five stories are set in Karachi while the rest take place in India.

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